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Diesel Repair in Portsmouth

There are several advantages to having a diesel engine over the more common gasoline powered engines on the road today. Diesel engines can deliver better fuel economy and more power than gasoline engine systems, they can also tow more than most gasoline powered cars, trucks and SUVs which make them an ideal choice for certain professional and recreational endeavors. Here at American Fleet Service, we understand the unique challenges that face diesel engine owners in Portsmouth VA.


Repairing a Diesel Engine
Two Specialist Diagnose Diesel Engine Problems

Diesel Repair Portsmouth VA

We have services several commercial and personal use vehicles that have diesel engines. So if you have noticed anything odd with your diesel engine it’s time to bring it into American Fleet Service where our professional mechanics can quickly diagnose and fix the issue.

Along with better fuel economy and power, diesel engines boast improved durability and longevity. This means that they can often go longer before needing major repairs but that does not mean you should skip regular service intervals. There are several components to your diesel engine that require regular maintenance to avoid high repair costs.

Diesel Engine Maintenance by Mechanic

Diesel Maintenance Portsmouth VA

Another advantage that diesel engines hold over gasoline engines is that they do not have spark plugs or distributors. This means that they do not require ignition tune ups. But without regular maintenance and service you may find yourself having to pay more when your fuel injection system breaks down as it is more technologically advanced than a gasoline engine and therefore more complicated.

That is why you want to have your diesel engine serviced by an auto shop and technician that specializes in diesel engines. Come on into American Fleet Service where we have the knowledge and know how to keep your diesel engine operating at its peak level of performance.

Mechanic doing Regular Truck Maintenance

Diesel Engine Repair Portsmouth, VA

If you have ignored regular maintenance on your diesel engine such as replacing the oil, air, or fuel filter can result in major repairs. Don’t fret, simply bring your vehicle into our garage where our expert technicians can look over exactly what needs to be done and provide you with a prioritized list of repairs and alternatives that will get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are experiencing performance issues with your diesel engine then it may be impacting your fuel economy and power. More severe problems can cause roadside breakdowns or leave you stranded in a parking lot with a vehicle that won’t start.